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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), leveraging the capabilities of the former Adobe CQ, helps users organize, create, and manage the delivery of assets and content across digital marketing “channels” (e.g., web, mobile, communities, etc.).  The Adobe Experience Manager consists of the following:


Web Content Management (formerly Adobe CQ)
Adobe’s intuitive application allows users to easily author, manage and publish across desktop and mobile sites.
Note:  This application was formerly known as Adobe CQ before becoming a part of AEM as of CQ version 5.6.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)
Using AEM’s Digital Asset Manager, all image and video assets are stored and organized all in one place.  The DAM can also link and publish to Adobe’s Scene7 hosted solution to stream image and video assets from the web instead of through your AEM hosted site which reduces bandwidth requirements and increases performance.

Social Communities
You can easily integrate your AEM application and manage customer blogs, shared calendars, ratings and reviews, communities and forums including Facebook and Twitter using Social Plugins.


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