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Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite

Adobe LiveCycle® Enterprise Suite 4 (ES4) is a document-centric platform that helps you capture, process, and integrate information with existing back-end systems as well as protect and track sensitive information. The LiveCycle suite is modular allowing you to choose the components you need. The following is the list of LiveCycle modules currently offered by Adobe:

Note:  Adobe LiveCycle ES4 is the backbone of AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) document services and document security add-ons that allow you to publish and secure enterprise forms and documents on your website.



LiveCycle Forms Standard & Forms Pro ES4
Automate the capture and management of your business-critical information. XML-based forms can be created and delivered to your internal and external customers as HTML, PDF, or Flash (SWF) files.
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Forms Portal Solution
Create, share, publish, update, and manage forms in your website without requiring IT support. End-Users can easily search, find the form they need, fill-out, and submit from either a desktop or a mobile device.
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Adobe LiveCycle Reader® Extensions ES4
Add “save” functionality and extend the capabilities of LiveCycle PDF forms when using Adobe Reader.
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Adobe Process Management ES4
Automate your business processes using forms, workflows, and back-end system integration.
(click here to learn more from Adobe)


Adobe LiveCycle Data Service ES4
Rapidly develop robust and data-intensive internet applications (RIAs) including SAP NetWeaver integration.
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Adobe LiveCycle ES4 ECM Connectors
Integrate LiveCycle with existing Microsoft® SharePoint®, IBM® FileNet, and EMC® Documentum ECM systems.
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Correspondence Management Solution
Centralize the creation and delivery of personalized communications using custom-authored and preapproved templates.
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Adobe LiveCycle Output
Dynamically generate correspondence, confirmations, statements, shipping labels, and other personalized customer and business communications.
(click here to learn more from Adobe)


Adobe LiveCycle PDF Generator
Automate the creation, assembly, distribution, and archival of PDF documents including converting a wide range of native and standard file formats to PDF.
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Adobe Rights Management ES4
Create policies on PDF, Microsoft Office, and other documents to control user access online and offline.
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Adobe LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES4
Validate authenticity on documents that utilize electronic/digital signatures.
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Adobe 2D Barcoded Forms
Capture data from documents that utilize 2D Datamatrix barcode technology.
Note: Formerly a separate module, this is now a part of Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extension ES4.
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Adobe LiveCycle PDF Production Print
Merge data of various types from back-end systems and generate high-volume, personalized documents via print, e-mail, fax, or web.

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