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Technology Deployment Services (TDS)


Practice Overview:

Tech-Pro provides organizations the structure to effectively and efficiently make use of new technology and services in their environment. Tech-Pro’s goal is to tailor a process-driven scalable solution to fit the goals and requirements of your organization. We can provide for common infrastructure components such as cabling, routers, and server installations to customer-based equipment such as PCs, laptops, printers, point-of-sale devices, and more.


Tech-Pro’s goal is to partner with you to ensure the appropriate front-end work such as testing, roll-out planning, and script development is completed well in advance of the physical deployment. This allows you to focus on logistics, working the project plan, communication, and customer satisfaction. This also results in considerable savings to you for any large scale, multi-site deployment. Upon request, Tech-Pro is able to perform or assist you with all the planning and communication tasks.



Tech-Pro can provide qualified professionals in any of the following technical specialties:

  • Project Manager
  • Level 1 and Level 2 Deskside Technicians
  • Systems Engineers
  • Technical Writers
  • Quality Assurance Professionals



Tech-Pro understands that some organizations want to control the planning and testing phases of the project and only need assistance on the physical distribution or installation tasks. We can easily fit into this model or take on any part of the project cycle for our client partner deployments.


  • New PC/laptop installs
  • IT move projects
  • Site surveys
  • Software installs and upgrades
  • Network hardware installs
  • Break/fix
  • Hardware or software inventories



  • Employ proven methodologies by Tech-Pro’s TDS organization to ensure that projects are completed properly and on time.
  • Implement a project on time to allow users to gain expected productivity improvements.
  • Provide support using Tech-Pro technicians to avoid pulling the client’s team away from their core focus.
  • Accept accountability for all deliverables with status reports, operational tests, and inventory documents of the items installed or issues with processes and end-result.

Tech-Pro LLC, an Artech company, is an Equal Opportunity Employer